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The Silver Springs Shores Resource Center is proud to offer numerous education and economic enrichment programs. To learn more about any of these program, please click the links to the left.

Supplemental Education

Computers in the Workplace
The Computers in the Workplace Classes are designed to provide adults with the skills necessary to function effectively. Students will learn the basic programs used in office settings; how to use word documents to write resumes and letters; and how to utilize spreadsheets for business documentation.

Economic Empowerment

Economic Empowerment are series of programs and workshops educating individuals/families on financial and health management; and preparing individuals for careers that meet local businesses’ needs. This is done by training low income/unemployed individuals to secure/retain employment.

Job Search / Resume 1:1 Assistance
The core of the Economic Empowerment Programs is 1:1 assistance preparing the unemployed or underemployed for careers in local businesses. These practical, hands-on sessions teach participants how to secure and retain employment in high demand job sectors.

Family Assistance / 1:1 Case Management
Families are offered an individualized information session to assess how community resources might be matched to their specific needs. Often a case manager is assigned to provide on-going assistance and to support the family in becoming better educated and empowered to meet their needs.

Financial Health Workshops
Most families experience financial setbacks at some point in their life, whether due to job loss, health issues or relocation. These workshops teach how to assess the situation, identify resources and create a plan for debt relief and restored financial health. Classes in budgeting/saving and positive parenting and are also offered.

Physical Health Workshops
Individuals are empowered to live a long and healthy life. Community healthcare practitioners will help you along the road to better health by providing screening, seminars and workshops to improve your overall health.

Entrepreneurship / Small Business Workshops
The Entrepreneurship and small business workshops are designed to inspire, teach, and coach individuals to be successful in their chosen enterprises.